We are confident that people onboard is the most important factor in ship management and maintaining high retention rate on board our highest priority. A loyal, stable and skilled workforce contributes to cost effectiveness and efficiency. A professional ship management is based on a strong team working together at sea and ashore by working procedures, IT tools and proper communication.

Our pool consists of experienced and skilled seafarers from Eastern Europe. A thorough selection process, including testing, professional and personal interview, is conducted prior to recruitment. Pre-embarkation familiarization of SMS, trading and vessels particulars is additional procedure to achieve higher retention.

We accept applications for all positions throughout the year.

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    Safety Management System

    Quality, Risk and Safety Management System

    Risk Management is a vital part of Flagman Shipmanagement SMS and includes observation of operational risk, new regulations, analyze of root causes of internal and external incidents and accidents, controlling and revising of Flagman Shipmanagement SMS. As an additional service, in our team we have experienced Liberian flag inspector. We can assist to prepare vessel for any flag inspection from any flag.

    Dedicated staff deliver:

    • SMS audits for compliance with ISM standards
    • Office and shipboard audits for compliance with international ISO standards and Quality Assurance systems
    • Onboard safety and security training of crew

    Flagman Shipmanagement has worked out an Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) International Safety Management and International Ship and Port Security Codes systems. Safety Management System, Ship Security Assessment and Ship Security Plan were produced for Offshore Support Vessel. The following documentation has been developed and implemented in Clients Company office and on board the vessel :

    • Company Management Manual;
    • Company Operating Manual;
    • Fleet Operating Manual;
    • Safe Working & Environmental Manual;
    • Crew Management Manual;
    • Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) Operations Manual;
    • Company Forms Manual.


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